High school students in Fort Bragg and Cumberland County have the unique opportunity to apply for the Choice Program, which allows them to attend a specialty high school. Students must submit Choice applications by Feb. 27.

The Choice Program gives students the option to tailor their education around their interests, said Allison Violette, Associate Superintendent, Cumberland County Schools. For example, if students are interested in theater, they can attend the School for the Arts at Seventy-First High School.

“Every child learns differently,” Violette said. “It is about parents knowing their child’s interests and plans after graduation. They should keep that in mind for the best decision.”

Many of the courses offered at each specialty center matriculate to post-secondary schools. Some early college programs give students the opportunity to earn up to 60 college credits, according to Violette. She said this translates into success at both the high school and university levels.

CCS also offers specialty programs, such as the CCS Fire Academy, for those who wish to enter the workforce after graduation. The Career and Technical High School at Cumberland Polytechnic focuses on a student’s chosen career pathway and gives students the chance to graduate with a high school diploma and post-secondary credential that will assist in their job search after graduation.

Violette encourages parents and students to reach out to the programs that interest them and schedule a visit with the school. She said students can talk to teachers and current students in the program during these visits.

For more information on the Choice Program and the specialty centers offered at each high school, visit http://choice.ccs.k12.nc.us/high.