I live on post and my neighbor two doors down speeds through our neighborhood all the time. The speed limit is clearly posted and yet she, in her packed mini van, always speeds by. Children, including mine, play outside in the front yard and God forbid that a ball or toy rolls out into the street as she’s driving through! It’s horrible. I’ve yelled at her as she drives by to slow down, but nothing has changed. My other neighbor has even walked up to her as she’s getting out of the van to ask her to slow down and all she got was attitude from the woman. Is there anything that Fort Bragg can offer?

—Fed up with Speeders

Dear Fed up,

Basically, your neighbor is breaking a law. And according to your Housing Resident Responsibility Guide, 1-9 Conduct, Breach of Lease, Illegal Drug and Other Unlawful Activity:

“The Resident is responsible for the conduct of family members and guests. Any conduct that violates the Lease or Guide, including but not limited to drugs and other unlawful activity, will be addressed through a written notice to the Resident that corrective action must be taken. If a Resident, family members, or guests fail to comply with any written notice, the Resident’s chain of command will be notified. Repeated violations of the Lease or Guide may result in the termination of the Lease and immediate eviction.”

So, essentially, take up this matter with the housing office. I would bring multiple witnesses with you so that the housing office or neighborhood center staff can deal with the issue.  Once housing has issued their warning and she still doesn’t comply, then you can bring it to the attention of the MPs.

Safety is one of Fort Bragg’s main concerns when dealing with servicemembers and their Families. This cannot and should not be taken lightly.

(Editor’s note: Sharilyn Wells really doesn’t know much about anything, but she’ll definitely share her opinion with you whenever needed. To get a ‘straight up’ opinion to your countless issues, email paraglidebragg@gmail.com)