I have immense faith in our phenomenal Soldiers and leaders who continue to tackle the significant challenges associated with serving our nation during a time of high operational tempo and persistent conflict.

The Army’s Ready, Resilient and Army Strong Campaign is the Army’s newest tool in a robust and extensive arsenal of programs and initiatives designed to ensure we properly outfit and assist our Soldiers and Families as they tackle individual and collective challenges at work or in their home life.

One of the primary focus areas of the Ready, Resilient and Army Strong campaign is behavioral health. Army leaders must take a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to address the behavioral health issues and their associated risks. Our continued commitment to health promotion, risk reduction and suicide prevention must be placed at the forefront of everything we do.

The new year generally signals a time for personal introspection and an opportunity to set new goals and objectives. Most of us resolve to make a few small changes or start or stop a few new things; some small, others pretty significant — you might even say life-changing.

I believe right now is a very appropriate time to consider that if a change of course in your life is warranted — if a Soldier or Family member find themselves having a difficult time focusing, struggling under the strain of stress, or simply trying to get back on track to their life’s personal or professional goals — this is probably a great time to reach out to one of the myriad support programs available here at Fort Bragg. Perhaps a good starting point is to meet with a military Family life counselor, a personal fitness trainer, or one of our other behavioral health services that are available. Working through whatever challenges you might be facing doesn’t have to be done alone!

Seeking assistance helps eliminate clutter and gain clarity, it’s a way to reassert self-confidence, self-control, resilience and inner-strength. There are a number of frameworks to help us think through where we are and what we might want to do in the future.

We have a lot of services that could be of assistance at multiple levels. There is no reason why Soldiers, Families, leaders and friends should have to work through challenges in isolation, or be concerned with being criticized for seeking help. Our objective is to optimize the quality of life and service of and for Soldiers and their Families, so that the end result is we are ready for whatever comes our way!

The time to unload unneeded or unproductive clutter in our lives, gain clarity and get started laying out attainable objectives that will help lead to a positive and rewarding future is now!

I encourage everyone, Soldiers, civilians, and Families, to seek out and utilize the programs and services we have in place here at Fort Bragg. If you need help, the very best healthcare systems available are at your disposal, and we are here to assist you every step of the way. Make it one of your personal and professional resolutions this coming year to take care of yourself, your battle buddies and the ones you hold dearest.

Jeffrey N. Colt