Even though it’s common sense to know that anything on the open Internet isn’t completely secure, sometimes people forget. When using public computers to access military sites such as MyPay or other financial websites that use personal information, Soldiers must be extra careful logging on and off securely.

In the last month, eight Fort Bragg Soldiers have had their identity stolen by logging onto MyPay on unsecure computers or via smart phones. Of those eight Soldiers, three of them are out a month’s worth (or more) of pay. All Soldiers in each case have admitted to not securely logging onto their MyPay accounts with their common access cards.

“We have been able to help out five of the eight Soldiers get their money back,” explained Dennis Scott, director of Military Pay Office-Fort Bragg. “In each of these cases, the money was withdrawn to a debit card in which we were able to recall the money; unfortunately, not for all the cases. These people are smart (people stealing the money) and have some knowledge of the pay system. They know what our cutoff dates are for making LES’s (leave earning statements) and do their business after any changes can be made.”

The best way of ensuring your money is safe is to always log into MyPay accounts with your CAC. Also, be sure to look over your LESs for anything out of the ordinary showing on the statement. Remember, if any changes have been made to your MyPay account, an email will be sent to you for verification. If you receive an email and you didn’t make changes, be sure to alert your financial center as soon as possible.

For any further information or to report a payment discrepancy, call the main Fort Bragg finance office at 396-2812 or visit them on the main floor of the Soldier Support Center off of Normandy Drive.