Twice a year, over 150 Fort Bragg firefighters participate in controlled burns on the installation. Participants fight fires both during the day and at night to prepare for all possible fire emergency situations, said Captain Matt Grieve, Fort Bragg Fire and Emergency Services.

During a recent controlled night burn, members of the Fort Bragg Fire Department joined forces with the Spring Lake Fire Department to take out propane fires on the first and second floors of a controlled burn building.

The groups were also required to force open a door, which is another aspect of a fire emergency that requires practice. Grieve said completing these exercises with the Spring Lake Fire Department builds camaraderie, which can come in handy in the case of an actual emergency that requires response from both units.

Teams of two firefighters cycled through the house while Grieve inspected their use of the fire hose and control of the fire. He emphasized the importance of these exercises in keeping his force prepared for the worst.