Punxs utawney Phil, the most famous Pennsylvania groundhog may have been a little off in his prediction, but spring is finally here and itís time to take advantage.

Iíve seen every movie, watched my share of plays and visited every museum exhibit (including the Anne Frank exhibit which is really good here in Fayetteville). Iím done. I want to be outside.

Like the Muppets used to say, ďitís time to get things started. Itís time to do things right.Ē Ladies and gentlemen itís time to get outside again and live. I look forward to frisbees, bikes and pogo sticks littering the front lawns.

I look forward to riding bikes with my daughter who still finds it cool to ride with her pop. Our rides arenít just about the physical exercise, although that is nice. More importantly, we get be outside (hopefully in the warm sun) and talk.

Kids are fun in that every time you are around them, they give you a glimpse into how fast theyíre growing up.

I look back at just last spring and I think about how much taller my daughter is and not that she is overly aware, but Iíve noticed she doesnít just pick clothes for weather anymore. Iím probably in trouble for writing this, but† now she picks outfits and they match color and style as well as season. Every spring that rolls around I see less of the little kid I helped teach to ride a bike and more of a wonderful young lady.

Spring is more than warm weather and getting outside. The season reminds us reflect and look forward.

If I havenít convinced you yet, then I offer as my final piece of evidence† óSpring gives us baseball. Not the kind you watch on television for what seems like a root canal, rather I mean outings that† feature friends, Family, cheap seats and hot dogs at the local minor league game. Among the hundreds of things you get the opportunity to do when the weather starts to warm up, baseball has to be high on the list.

Punxsutawney Phil may have been off a few weeks in his prediction of the arrival of spring, but its here now and itís time for Families to take advantage.