Department of the Army civilians who display exemplary service to the Army and the local community can be nominated for the Braxton Bragg Chapter of the Association of the United States Army.

Charles Pimble, Braxton Bragg AUSA Civilian Affairs vice president said individuals chosen as the civilian of the year are committed to their job and go above and beyond their duties. They must also be involved with their community through volunteering or other activities.

Other criteria include dedication, generosity, benevolence and integrity. They must also be a current or retired DA civilian.

According to a letter sent to Fort Bragg commands from the Braxton Bragg chapter, there is no limitation on the employee’s grade and the nominees do not have to be individuals with the highest grade or most responsibility.

“The goal of the Braxton Bragg chapter of AUSA is to select the most deserving individual who sincerely represents the high-quality civilians in the workforce of community,” the letter states.

Pimble explained the letter was sent to the commanding generals of all the major commands at Fort Bragg asking for candidates, however, anyone can work through their supervisory chain to nominate a civilian.

All nominees must also receive an endorsement by their senior leader.

The winner will go on to represent the Braxton Bragg chapter at the regional AUSA DA Civilian of the Year competition, Pimble said.

For more information about Braxton Bragg AUSA, visit, or call Pimble at 423-0585.