I donít think Lakers superstar center Dwight Howard knows where he wants to go and thatís okay.

The Lakers are going to try to sign him to a long-term contract and there are several prognosticators who donít think he wants to come back to the Lakers.

For the life of me, I donít understand all the hostility or bad mouthing Howard receives for shopping his options. I get criticizing him for being wishy-washy. There is nothing worse than an indecisive individual. Howard has been indecisive and deserves the criticism.

When he was a part of the Orlando Magic, he wanted out, but didnít want to hurt fansí or the teamís feelings. I donít really know. What I do know is he waffled so long that he didnít go to any of the teams he wanted (New Jersey Nets or Los Angles Clippers). He ended up being traded to the Lakers with a year left on his contract. And now, the basketball world sits as Howard ponders his options again.

Get off the manís back. Howard is the most dominant center in the NBA (which is debatable because of his consistent back pains).

He has the right to shop his talents all over the NBA and get the best deal he can earn for himself.

What fans donít understand is his ability to play the game at a level that most human beings cannot begin to approach, makes him a genetic lottery winner. He has the right to use that winning ticket any way he wants.

Howard deserves the option to find a team that fit his needs. Donít be fooled. Howard wants money and deserves it. But he wants to find a team that has the opportunity to give him a championship. He wants a team where he is the final piece, not the building block. He wants a coach he can trust.

Howard may be an enigma and a bit of a diva, but at this point he hasnít had a 30 minute television special to announce ďwhere he is taking his talent.Ē

Take a breath and letís allow Howard shop around and pick where he wants to work. When you or I leave our job in search of another, there arenít millions of fans scrutinizing where we choose, or how we choose. Howard deserves to shop in peace.