Fort Bragg offers service members and their Families several places to run on post. It is important that the community is aware of approved running sites, said Wolf Amacker, Fort Bragg’s range control officer.

“With the current traffic situations, it is inherently dangerous to run anywhere (unauthorized) on Fort Bragg,” he said.

Amacker said it is also important for people to avoid running through training areas because there is high-risk training going on at all times.

“It’s difficult because people say ‘oh there’s a hundred thousand acres out there, I’m only going to use 10 acres of it, I’ll be fine,’” he said. “Until they’re not fine.”

He recommends that runners use the All American Trail, Hedrick Stadium and the on-post physical fitness centers that have running trails.

All American Trail

Built 10 years ago to accommodate running and road march traffic from the installation, the All American Trail covers 21 miles at the southwest edge of Fort Bragg. There are several entrances to the trail, including off Plank Road a little past Wayside Road.

The trail is unpaved, 10- to 15-feet wide and includes a 1,000 foot boardwalk. It is open to hikers, runners and bikers.

It is important to note that the All American Trail is closed to all traffic during deer hunting season each year.

Hedrick Stadium

Located at the corner of Reilly and Longstreet roads, Hedrick Stadium offers a quarter-mile track and stadium stairs for training. The outdoor track is rubber and open year-round. The stadium also offers an astroturf field that can be reserved through the Sports Office, at 396-1218.

Hercules Track

Located on the corner of Reilly and Armistead streets, the outdoor track is adjacent to Hercules Fitness Center. The quarter-mile rubber track is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Towle Stadium

Located at the corner of Ardennes Street and Bastogne Drive, the stadium includes a quarter-mile rubber track, stadium stairs and astroturf field. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Running Trails near Gyms

Several Fort Bragg physical fitness centers also have running trails near them. These include:

Blackjack Fitness Center

Callahan Athletic Center

Dahl Physical Fitness Center

Frederick Performance Enhancement Center

Funk Physical Fitness Center

Hercules Fitness Center

Iron Mike Fitness Center

Ritz-Epps Physical Fitness Center

Ryder Physical Fitness Center

Towle Courts Physical Fitness Center

Tucker Performance Enhancement Center

For maps of these running trails, visit