Driver training on post suspended

Army Regulation 385-10, The Army Safety Program, mandates that Army personnel, military or civilian, who, while operating a government motor vehicle, have been convicted of a moving traffic violation or have been determined to be at fault in a traffic mishap will attend remedial driver training.

Fort Bragg conducts remedial driver training for those personnel who are required to attend.

Personnel requesting RDT must go to the “Army IMCOM Registration System” at to register via Internet.

Become a health care provider

Picnic held

Reunion planned

Gate closure

ID Card Facility

Education center moves

Counseling services (phone: 396-6721) can be obtained in Wing J; while testing services (phone: 396-2537 or 907-3926) are located in Wing H.

In and out processing education services is still located at the Soldier Support Center, Building 4-2843, 2nd floor, Wing A, Normandy Drive, phone number 643-6121.

For more information, contact Carol Brooks at 432-2826.

Notice of Estate

This notice serves as an advisory for all those in possession of the property of Staff Sgt. Jonathan Philip Schmidt, as well as to persons to whom the deceased is indebted, or those indebted to the deceased. Contact Capt. Lance J. Veronie, summary court martial officer, 722nd Ordnance Disposal Company, with all inquiries at 396-3673.