Stryker Golf Course offers a course for golfers looking to learn the basics of the game or get back in the swing of things after an extended break from the sport.

Jeff Johnson, director of golf, Stryker Golf Course, said the Get Golf Ready program helps beginners get acclimated to a golf course.

“Sometimes people are afraid to pick up a sport or a game but this way it’s easy,” he said. “We walk them around the building, we show them where the facilities are, we tell them how to make tee times ... you know, try to put their fears at ease.”

Golfers will also learn putting, chipping, pitching and bunkers, full swing irons and full swing woods from a PGA-certified instructor over five classes.

The sixth day of the program is called a “Play Day,” where participants go out on the course and play nine holes with their instructor.

“It’s good for husband and wives to take together,” Johnson said. “We’ll take juniors too but most of the time it’s more adults. Active-duty, retired, ladies, and it’s also open to the public.”

Johnson said one of the biggest benefits of participating in the classes is the “graduate card,” which golfers receive after their play day. This card expires one year from the date of receipt.

“It gets them half price on their range balls for the year, and that’s worth it right there alone,” Johnson said. “We also have discounted rates for the cardholder.”

Participants can rent clubs for no charge while taking the class, which is limited to six golfers per session.

“The reason why we do that is we want to make sure that you get ample time with the instructor,” Johnson said.

Johnson advises participants in the class to wear comfortable clothing they can take a swing in and wear tennis or golf shoes.

Stryker offers eight sessions of the class, starting in March and going through October. The classes are from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

For more information, visit or call 396-3980.