Fort Bragg’s official website launched a newly designed page for Fort Bragg and surrounding community in an effort to give Soldiers and Families better access to information.

“The new website highlights a variety of subjects a person can look for when viewing the site to include leadership, directorates, organizations, civilians, retirees, as well as a completely renovated press center,” said Jessica Kuhn, former webmaster and public affairs specialist with Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, XVIII Airborne Corps.

“The new website is a combination of effort from the Knowledge Management office and the XVIII Airborne  Corps Public Affairs Office,” said Col. Kevin V. Arata, XVIII Abn. Corps., chief of Public Affairs.

“We did it with existing budgets, which allowed us to put this site together for almost no cost to the government.”

Arata also said that his staff was able to use the branding of the website. The “one-face type” look was chosen to make the page look more like the Army’s official website.

“The (new website) allows us to better categorize and highlight the topics that are important to the installation,” said Arata.

“It is more accessible and more user friendly, as this will help Families, as well as those with no knowledge of the military, find information very easily,” he said.

“We (the webmasters) looked at it as Fort Bragg being an actual city, which it really is. When people come here, they have to learn Fort Bragg because it’s a whole other town. We have our own grocery stores, recreation facilities, etc. and they’re all a part of the community known as Fort Bragg,” said Kuhn.

Civilians who worked alongside military personnel on this project also praised the new website’s flexible management.

“The significance of this new website is the ability to have a flexible, faster and easier control for all of the content managers, which are those who work on the website and have to maintain and update their respective sections’ content,” said Bill Ashby, an operations specialist for XVIII Abn. Corps Knowledge Management.

Ashby said that although recreating the website, has been a large project, it was one that has been rewarding. He explained it is beneficial for the civilian and contractor community to work with and train with the servicemembers, as well as help them understand the tools that are available to them.

“The way we laid it out makes it much easier to navigate, better at our level as well as our installation. The other part that is exciting is that it allows for us to put the news of the installation on there. Our previous website didn’t have as much news on there, but on this new site, we have one spot where we can feature many different types of information, such as stories, photos, top headlines and social media. It becomes a one-stop shop,” said Arata adding that  the banner above the site is the access for emergency notification for quick accessibility.

“Whether it’s bad weather, post closing, incidents, etc., we have a location in the drop down menu, which is hidden and will appear in case of emergency,” said Arata.

Overall, the completed website will be the newly, innovated site that the Fort Bragg community of Soldiers, Families, and civilians can look forward to using.

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