Leaders from the Fort Bragg Directorate of Emergency Services held a virtual town hall meeting Monday to address some of the concerns of  the community.

The directorate, which includes the Provost Marshal Office, Fire and Emergency Services, Physical Security Division and the Integrated Incident Management Center, chaired the second town hall meetings held by the XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg Public Affairs Office.

“It is important for members of our community to hear directly from the leaders within our communities,” said Col. Chad B. McRee, commander, 16th Military Police Brigade and director of Fort Bragg Emergency Services. “Our community’s residents must know that their leaders are engaged, know their issues and are making a concerted effort to make good decisions to positively affect all.”

The meetings are held in a virtual chat room environment, instead of at a physical location, allowing greater participation and provides direct, documented access to community leaders.

“Social media town halls (are) a great way to record what the issues are and the answers to the issues,” said Tom McCollum, Fort Bragg Garrison public affairs officer. “This way, if someone has the same issue at a later time, either the customer can easily get the answer or the (leader) can see if the solution given earlier is working.”

During the meeting, the topics addressed ranged from school safety to post policies.

Missy Powell, a Family member, wanted to know when the military police was going to start enforcing the law prohibiting cell phone use while driving.

Lt. Col. Michael W. Johns, Fort Bragg’s provost marshal answered the question and said the Fort Bragg police are already actively enforcing the ban on cell phone use on post.

“We wrote more than 300 tickets here recently, specifically citing driving without using a hands-free device. This is 300 tickets over a nine day period. So we are taking this very seriously.”

When the discussions lulled, helpful information was shared with the group, such as the results of the holiday’s Booze it and Lose it campaign.

“Our checkpoints over the Christmas holidays resulted in 28 citations for driving under the influence,” said Calvin A. Prouty Jr, Fort Bragg’s deputy provost marshal. “All of these could have been avoided by the use of a designated driver. As members of the Fort Bragg community, we ask that you do the right thing and uphold the law.”

These meetings also provide the Fort Bragg leadership with insight into what is on people’s minds and help them highlight any hot topics in the community.

“I was glad to know that people care about the issues,” said McRee. “I thought the feedback also demonstrated that our (community is) willing to get involved and be a part of the solution.”

Each month the Fort Bragg facebook page, at www.facebook.com/fortbraggnc, is scheduled to conduct more ‘mini’ town hall meetings with the different organizations here on Fort Bragg. Information about times and dates will be published at a later date.

If you missed the DES meeting, you can still view it online at https://www.facebook.com/events/318984264867673.