I recently completed a visit with the great Soldiers and organizations of the 82nd Airborne Division, and I could not be more impressed. The professionalism, talent and hard work of the 82nd –—“All American” — was apparent in every office, motor pool and center I visited. Looking at your formations and speaking with your commanders, I know that the Soldiers, noncommissioned officers, Warrant Officers and Officers of the 82nd Airborne Division are masters at executing your mission flawlessly, each and every day.
At the Army Materiel Command, we have the enormous responsibility of ensuring that you — our warfighters — have everything you need to achieve success. AMC develops, delivers and sustains everything from your bullets to your boots, your tanks to your tactical radios. We work hard to ensure our Army remains the best-equipped fighting force in the world.
Our AMC commander, Gen. Gus Perna, is laser-focused on synchronizing, integrating and operationalizing the capabilities of our nine major subordinate commands, focused on a total team effort to achieve an end state that accomplishes the mission in the most effective and efficient way.
I made the trip to Fort Bragg to better understand how AMC can synchronize our efforts and ultimately, support you. As you operate across the nation and throughout the world, AMC is endlessly figuring out ways to ensure you are well-equipped and ready to accomplish any mission you may be assigned.
After meeting with leaders at the U.S. Army Security Assistance Training Management Organization, U.S. Forces Command and the 82nd Abn. Div., I have a greater appreciation of your capabilities and better understanding of the scope and magnitude of your many missions.
The 406th Army Field Support Brigade is the Army Materiel Command’s “face to the field” here at Fort Bragg. With the full power of the materiel enterprise within their reach, they are our executing agent for logistics support, vital to our Soldiers in the field.
Under the 406th AFSB, the Logistics Readiness Center at Fort Bragg ensures invaluable services that keep the installation running smoothly. The LRC provides everything from dining facility operations, transportation and motor pool services, ammunition and deployment support, to the shipment of household goods.
Rest assured that our logistics organizations on this installation have the full power of the AMC patch behind them, all concentrated on providing the best logistical services and support to you and your units.
We are working hard, and closely with your commanders, to synchronize logistics support, ensure a rapid supply chain, and provide on-the-ground expertise with Logistics Assistance Representatives — all to eliminate obstacles for our Soldiers and allow you to focus on your mission.
Being prepared to tackle any obstacle at any time is what our Soldiers are trained to do. As you tirelessly face the next mission, know that AMC is facing it with you and stands ready to support you.