Provost Marshal’s Corner is a community policing initiative to keep you informed of monthly criminal and negligent activities affecting our community. To report a crime in progress, dial 911. Anyone with information regarding the crimes listed below, please contact Crime Stoppers at 396-EYES (3937).
Provost Marshal Messaging:
The Office of the Provost Marshal would like to take this opportunity once again to ask the Fort Bragg Community to take extra caution while operating their motor vehicle on Fort Bragg roadways and in parking areas. The Law Enforcement Center responds to seven to 10 traffic collisions daily in fair weather and 14 to 20 during inclement weather. Primary causes for roadway collisions are distracted driving, use of cell phones, and aggressive driving as well as speeding in conjunction with following to close which limits reaction time for braking.
The majority of parking area collisions are due to improper backing where the driver does not ensure there is proper clearance to back safely from their parking space. Adherence to good vehicle operating practices will help prevent a collision. Please drive defensively and safely.
Driver Improvement Training (DIT) Initiative:
In accordance with the Garrison Commander’s directive, dated Sept. 1, 2016, all drivers’ cited for the following will be enrolled in DIT:

Speed in excess of 15 miles per hour Traffic accident resulting in an injury or tow Failure to obey a traffic control device (including individuals directing traffic) In the month of May, 222 Soldiers were cited DIT-related violations. Remember to remain vigilant and obey the posted speed limits on Fort Bragg. Crime Statistics:
For the month of May, the Fort Bragg community has seen an increase in the following criminal and negligent activities:

Larceny of Private Property (Vehicle/Motorcycle): 7 Impaired Driving: 34 Domestic incidents: 22 Unsafe movement backing and forward/fleeing the scene of a traffic accident (occurring primarily in parking lots)  Failure To Obey A General Order (continuing to operate a motor vehicle after suspension) In the month of May, the Fort Bragg community has seen a decrease in the following criminal and negligent activities:

Roadway traffic accidents are continually declining with the primary contributing factor being a failure to decrease speed on the roadways”, with 28 for the month of May. Excessive Speeding (80 or more mph): 16 Residential Breaking and Entering/Unlawful Entries are down, including Soldiers’ barracks rooms. AWOLs/Desertions: 5 AWOLs and 2 Desertions reported for the month of May.