The Fort Bragg Fire and Emergency Services Division and service members performed an exercise rehearsal at Mott Lake, June 8, to execute water recovery and dive training techniques.
The fire department ensured that Soldiers could cross from the west side to the east side of Mott Lake, said Patrick Davenport, assistant fire chief.
Soldiers from various commands took part in the event as part of a U.S. Army Reserve Best Warrior competition.
The event is important training for service members, said Staff Sgt. Colby Ford, of the 95th Training Division.
“Our overall mission today was for the competitors to make their way across this water crossing,” he said. “It tests their willpower and their overall fitness level and this is also some training that these Soldiers don’t get, so it’s also a motivational tool as well,”he said.
“They’re competing to represent the United States Army, they’re also representing their units and representing themselves as well.”
Some of the equipment used for the exercise included sonar, mock rifles (rubber ducks), and floatation devices, as well as divers and boats from the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department and UH60s used to transport Soldiers to the execution point.
Staff Sgt. Yvette White, of the 108th Training Command, Fort Jackson, South Carolina, served as a support person. She enjoyed seeing the training unfold.
“It’s something to behold. It’s something to watch,” she said.
The second iteration took place today.