The line to meet one of the country’s most recognizable bodybuilders stretched to the doors of the Fort Bragg Mini Mall, June 20. Jay Cutler, bodybuilder and four-time Mr. Olympia, held a meet-and-greet on post as a way to give back to the military community.
“He visits many different military installations to do something special for the troops because every day they sacrifice a lot, and this is a way we can give back,” said Shaun Nugent, mid-Atlantic territory representative, BPI Sports.
He said Cutler has Family in the military, and hears from service members about their experiences weight lifting overseas. They tell Cutler this training is the only escape they have while deployed, so his team tries to make the meet-and-greets memorable.
It seems they succeeded at Fort Bragg.
Service members, Families and fans came from near and far to have a quick chat and take a picture with the bodybuilding champion.
Most said they heard about the event through Cutler’s social media accounts, where he also posts encouraging advice for aspiring bodybuilders. Evan Goan said he has been a fan of Cutler since he first started weightlifting.
“I’ve had his poster on my wall since I was 17,” he said.
Goan was grateful for the chance to finally meet his inspiration. A few years ago, he stood in line for “a while” to meet Cutler, but got cut off right before he had the chance. This time, he took advantage of the opportunity.
“I thanked him for giving back,” Goan said. “I appreciate what he does for the military.”
Others praised Cutler’s engagement as he offered advice to aspiring bodybuilder Michael Gonzalez, 17, and flexed his muscles with Cael Best, 4.
One of the youngest fans was impressed with what he saw.
“He had big muscles,” Best said.