August marks the start of Fort Bragg’s peak hurricane season, but the dangerous storms can affect the area at any time from June through November. It is important for the community to prepare for the hazards before they hit, said Calvin McKenzie, plans and operation specialist, Fort Bragg Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security. In this two-part series, learn the best ways to prepare for hurricanes here at Fort Bragg.
The most important tip for hurricane readiness is identifying the most effective mode of notification, according to McKenzie. The garrison offers a text and email alert system that users can enroll in through the Fort Bragg domain, which requires a Common Access Card. While on the domain, these card holders can click on the triangle at the bottom of their screen, then select the purple globe. They can then enter their notification preferences, including text messaging and email.
Spouses who are unable to access this feature because they do not have a CAC card can contact the Fort Bragg Emergency Management Team at and provide the CAC cardholder’s name and preferred notification method. Users will receive only specific notifications for emergencies that involve life, health or safety, explained McKenzie. He also emphasized the importance of signing up for these warnings.
“We can’t alert you if we can’t contact you,” he said. “That’s why it’s important to register.”
Once they have signed up for notifications, McKenzie advised Families to create a disaster preparedness kit containing the following items.

Food: Enough non-perishable food to last each person three days Water: One gallon of water per person per day for three days Essential items: Flashlights, toolkit  Important documents “It’s important that you have that established prior to needing it because it’s too late to try put something together when a tornado (or hurricane) is already here,” McKenzie said.
He recommended that Families store the kit by the door or another easily-accessible location. For more tips on hurricane preparedness, see next week’s issue of the Paraglide.