The Army and Air Force Exchange Service operates numerous shoppettes as well as the Post Exchanges on Fort Bragg, which I’ll cover next week along with the Defense Commissary Agency.
The shoppettes offer shopping and dining options all over Fort Bragg, ranging from simple gas stations to furniture stores.
In addition to these shopping options, Soldiers are also eligible to apply for a Military Star Card, which is an AAFES only credit card. Members of the Army, Air Force, Marines Corps, Coast Guard and Navy are all eligible to apply for this card.
Military Star Cards can be used at most AAFES locations, as well as certain Armed Forces Recreation Center resort hotels. It can also be used at Clothing Sales stores.
So, where on Fort Bragg can you use your Star Card? Where are the shops located? And where is the Class Six?
Airborne PX
The Airbone PX is located next to Tucker Gym, sandwiched between Ardennes Road and Tullidge Way.
This PX contains a barbershop, a food court and a cleaners. It is a fairly small location, but it still has a few amenities available for Soldiers and Department of Defense ID cardholders.
Fort Bragg Mini Mall
The Mini Mall is located on Reilly Road, and is right next to one of the post offices on the installation. This AAFES location also has a food court, cleaners and barbershop.
In addition, an Enterprise Rent-A-Car is located here along with a laundromat and hair salon. The Mini Mall also holds a GNC and a sports store.
Mega World Travel/Leisure Travel is also located at the Mini Mall. Leisure Travel is where Military Families can purchase tickets to places like Disney World at a discounted rate.
A Clothing Sales store is found in the Mini Mall along with an alterations place and a tactical supply shop. A Class Six is also located here. Finally, the location holds a UPS store.
Smoke Bomb Hill,
Old Glory Express
Smoke Bomb Hill, located on the corner of Reilly Road and Gruber Road, across the street from the Old Glory Express.
Smoke Bomb Hill has a cleaners and a barbershop as well as a Class Six. The shoppette also features restaurants not found anywhere else on base, such as Qdoba and Boston Market. While this location has been used in the past for an express location, the building at Smoke Bomb Hill opened just last year.
The Old Glory Express is across the street from Smoke Bomb Hill. A gas station and a Class Six are located here, along with a tire and auto service shop.
Pope Mini Mall
Located on Armistead Street, the Pope Mini Mall has a food court and a barbershop. It also holds a Class Six. A small shoppette, the Pope Mini Mall also has a gas station.
Butner Road Express/
Honeycutt Express
Butner Road Express, on the corner of Butner Road and Lewis Street, is primarily a gas station, but it also holds a couple smaller fast food restaurants.
The Honeycutt Express is also a gas station, but it has a barbershop as well. It is located on Honeycutt Road, close to Bragg Boulevard.
For hours, store phone numbers and a more detailed list of food vendors located at each shoppette, please visit the Fort Bragg My Base Guide website at /