RANGE WARNING ORDER: During the period Monday through July 9, units on Fort Bragg will be conducting small arms and high explosives firing in the Fort Bragg Range Area. All personnel are warned against entering any danger or impact area without specific approval from the Installation Range Officer. The Fort Bragg Range Area is not considered “open range.” Entry into or use of Fixed Ranges, Observation Posts (OPs), Training Facilities, or areas other than designated recreational areas, Manchester, Plank or King Roads, must be approved by the Installation Range Officer. The below schedule is subject to change without notice to the public. Additions and/or deletions occur frequently.
MANCHESTER IMPACT AREA – 12:01 p.m. to midnight daily; small arms.
MACRIDGE IMPACT AREA – 12:01 p.m. to midnight daily; demolitions, mortars, small arms, 40mm GL (M203), 40mm MG (MK19), and MICLIC Rocket (Inert).
COLEMAN IMPACT AREA – 12:01 p.m. to midnight daily; mortars, artillery, demolitions, small arms, .50 Cal MG, 40mm GL (M203, MK19), Helicopter with .50 Caliber MG and Helicopter with 7.62mm machine gun.
MCPHERSON IMPACT AREA – 12:01 p.m. to midnight daily; small arms, demolition, artillery, mortars, Jet Aircraft w/MK82, BDU33, MK76, 20 and 30mm gun.
Units are reminded that personnel performing range officer-in-charge or range safety officer duties at Fort Bragg must be certified in accordance with Fort Bragg Regulation 350-6. This certification is good for two years. The Range OIC/RSO certification course is now conducted by instructors at Brigade level major subordinate commands on Fort Bragg. Range Control gives classes quarterly for those personnel being trained as instructors. For quotas and information concerning the Range OIC and RSO course at Fort Bragg, contact unit S-3.
XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg Regulation 350-6, Installation Range Regulation, was revised and the current regulation is dated March 1, 2014. Please refer to chapter 3 for the latest information about Red-Cockaded Woodpecker colonies and possible restrictions.
Below is the weekly range schedule that indicates the units that will be using the known distance ranges during the period Monday through July 9. Commanders with a few individuals who need to fire may coordinate with the using unit to add firers to that unit’s range.
Point of contact is Range Control Branch at 432-2900/6772.

PISTOL 38/45/9MM

Range 29: 37ENG Range 66C/1: 5/73 CAV Friday

Range 66C/1: 5/73 CAV Range 66C/2: 82D/CAB Range 66C/4: 82D/CAB Sunday

Range 29: HQ/105 M16 ZERO/

Range 28: 2/505 PIR Range 31B: 192D/ORD Range 41: G3/82D Thursday

Range 28: 2/508PIR Range 31: HHBN/82D Range 31A: HHBN/82D Range 31B: 192D/ORD Range 41: G3/82D Range 52: 189/CSSB Friday

Range 28: 9MISB Range 31A: 44MED Range 31B: 192/ORD Range 52: 82D/CAB Saturday

Range 31A: 396/MED Range 52: 82D/CAB Sunday

Range 31A: 396/MED Range 50: HQ/105 Range 52: 82D/CAB M16 QUAL

Range 34: G3/82D Thursday

Range 55: 2/508PIR Range 57: 5/MISB Saturday

Range 33: 396/MED Sunday

Range 33: 396/MED Range 55: HQ/105 M60/SAW ZERO

Range 53: 307/BEB Range 66B: 307/BEB Thursday

Range 53: 307/BEB Range 66B: 5/73CAV Friday

Range 53: 307BEB Range 66B: 5/73CAV Saturday

Range 66B: HQ/105 Sunday

Range 66B: HQ/105 M60/SAW

Range 54: 1/505 PIR Range 66A: 122D/AVN Thursday

Range 54: 1/505 PIR Range 66A: 189/CSSB Friday

Range 54: 1/505PIR Range 66A: 188/BSB Saturday

Range 66A: HQ/105 Sunday

Range 66A: HQ/105