Report of survey — in the military these are not great words to hear. For Family members who do not know what I am talking about, this is a formal process to identify missing property or items for which a person is held “accountable.”
This is done by appointing an outside person to conduct interviews and find out what was done for inventories and to find the item prior to it being declared missing.
Then the person recommends whether or not to hold the person liable for the cost of the missing item. This can be a frustrating and scary process for some of us hand-receipt holders (I know).
Often times we lose something within our own feelings about our self worth, relationships, ability to parent, ability to be a husband or wife, or fall into a depressive state. This, in many occasions, is based on what we feel is missing in our lives.
This “report of survey” example is also a way to look at counseling. An outside expert is asked to help us locate something we have lost and or talk with us about what we have done to retrieve it.
The person can also talk with us about how to get what is missing back or replace it with a like feeling. This is overly simplistic for the expertise of trained counselors but helps us understand the positive outcomes of therapeutic interventions.
It amazes me we have no problem with the systems in place to find “things” to improve a situation, yet when someone uses systems to help them “find themselves” it is viewed as a weakness.
Too often we love things and use people instead of using things and loving people. If you or someone you know needs a little “soul searching,” there are many professionals able to help look. The chaplains, Army Community Service or Social Work Services are a few.
More often then not, dealing with the liability is not as scary as a real Report of Survey. Be well this month.