Starting next week, the Fort Bragg Identification Card Facility at the Soldier Support Center will close the third Wednesday of each month from 8 to 10 a.m. This closure is required for training center staff on updated policies and procedures so they can provide the best support to customers, said Laurie Marks, chief of personnel processing branch, Military Personnel Division. Previously, the center conducted these trainings during the work day.
“We’ve been trying for the longest time to avoid impacting the customer, but unfortunately, for it to be a conducive training experience, and for everybody to learn from it, it’s the only option,” explained Noelle Frizzell, program manager and site manager, Fort Bragg ID Card Facility.
ID Card Facility staff emphasized that this training should have a minimal impact on customers, who must schedule appointments online, over the phone or at kiosks in the SSC. At press time, the average wait time for an appointment was about a week.
It is important for the Fort Bragg community to educate themselves before coming to the center. Frizzell recommended that all customers read the facility’s scheduler website. The website contains information about required documents, what to do in case of a lost or stolen ID card, eligibility requirements and more.
Department of Defense ID cardholders have 90 days before the expiration date on their card to renew their ID, so customers don’t need to wait until the week of expiration to schedule their renewal appointment, explained Ethel Nock, manager, Fort Bragg ID Card Facility. She said the center can service customers whose ID cards have been lost or stolen on the same day.
“We just advise them that they may have a little wait because we have to move them in between other appointments,” Nock said.
If Soldiers or Family members have an emergency when the ID Facility is closed for training, they can visit the 82nd Airborne Division ID Card Facility at Gavin Hall and they will service them.
For more information, visit the Fort Bragg ID Card Facility scheduler website at