As of June 15, Womack Army Medical Center is no longer participating in the Retiree At Cost Hearing Aid Program, also referred to as RACHAP.
The RACHAP is an optional program, and not a TRICARE benefit. With the discontinuation of the program at Womack, no further services will be offered for RACHAP patients whether they previously received a hearing aid through the program or were on the wait list.
“We know RACHAP has been a valuable service for our patients, but unfortunately we can no longer support it,” said Lt. Col. Jessica Smyth, chief, Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic, WAMC.
While Womack is no longer able to provide hearing aid services for retirees at cost, Smyth said that qualifying veterans can receive hearing aids for free through the Fayetteville Veteran Affairs Medical Center. To learn more about availability and benefits, call 800-771-6106 or visit
If the VA is not an option, civilian care is available. Patients are advised to call TRICARE for assistance in locating local providers or to locate another facility participating in RACHAP.
Patients with existing hearing aids purchased through the program can also contact the hearing aid vendor directly to inquire about civilian audiologists in the area that can provide and service their specific products. Below is a list of pertinent hearing aid vendors and their contact numbers.

Bernafon: 888-560-6533 GN Resound: 800-392-9932 Oticon: 800-526-3921 Phonak: 800-777-7333 Siemens: 800-955-4327 Starkey: 866-418-6928 Unitron: 800-397-4442