Congratulations are in order for the 82nd Airborne Division Sustainment Brigade’s “Providers Café,” as they are Fort Bragg’s installation winner for the 50th Annual Phillip A. Connelly Competition. Providers Café entered the competition in March as they began practicing every Wednesday until their inspection date in June.
“To get ready for the event we had to select our most qualified chefs, menu plan, and order additional equipment to assist with the execution,” said the dining facility manager, Sgt. 1st Class Danica Foster of the 82nd Special Troops Battalion.
“Our paratroopers and chefs from the 44th Medical Brigade have worked tirelessly in preparation to this competition.”
The PAC Program is the personification of food service excellence executed by culinary specialists resulting in the presentation of extremely gratifying dining experiences across all Army food service platforms in garrison and field environments. Mr. Phillip A. Connelly was born in Farmingham, Massachusetts in June 1907.
He became a leader in his chosen profession, Food Service Management. Connelly worked diligently and earnestly throughout his life to promote professionalism in food service, in both the civilian and military services.
As a result of his dedicated purpose and positive influence, civilian and military food service programs are more closely aligned and personnel in these programs now have uniform goals in education training, career development and job opportunities.
“The high level of competition for this coveted award contributes significantly in improving the quality of food service support,” said food program manager James Ramey, Supply and Services Division of the Logistics Readiness Center.
“The main purpose for the PAC Competition is that Soldiers benefit throughout the Army and it provides excellent training for our culinary specialist personnel.”
The award winning menu for the PAC Competition included:

Minestrone soup Stracciatella Creamy chicken picatta Beef au poivre Blackened tofu Roasted sweet potatoes Wild rice Roasted vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, squash, carrots, tomatoes and asparagus) Hot rolls Strawberry avocado salad Creamy cucumber salad Fruit tart Coconut cream pie German chocolate cake Chocolate chip cookies The runner up for the installation PAC award went to the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade’s “Pegasus Inn.” The winner, Providers Café, will compete at the 406th Army Field Support Brigade level of the competition later this year.