On July 25, the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security Airfield Division Safety Manager conducted an annual crash drill. The exercise also counted towards the required fourth quarter pre-accident plan rehearsal for Simmons Army Airfield Base Operations and for participating Army Aviation units, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade 3rd Battalion, 82nd General Support Aviation Battalion and the Company A, 2nd Battalion, 135th Aviation Regiment.
The annual drill and quarterly rehearsals are part of the Army Aviation Accident Prevention Program covered in DA Pam 385-90 and other Army Aviation regulations. Additional Fort Bragg organizations that participated were I2MC 911, Womack Emergency Medicine, the Installation Fire Services and Military Police.
Whenever a scenario includes mass-casualties, coordination is also done with the Installation Emergency Management office.
This year’s drill was conducted on a tactical landing zone, which tested Range Control air traffic controllers and the Airfield Division Operations Pre-Accident Plan, Crash-Phone system and notification process.
The primary section of the Pre-Accident Plan notifies emergency first responders, and the secondary section notifies the airfield staff and aviation units owning the aircraft. Following these exercises, each organization conducts an after-action review to capture lessons learned, to better prepare for a real Army aviation accident.