When looking for information on terror threats, some may still expect to see the Homeland Security Advisory System, or terror alert level, which was a color-coded terrorism advisory scale. This system was retired in 2011 and replaced with National Terrorism Advisory System.
NTAS, designed to be clear and more specific, utilizes two types of advisory — a Bulletin or an Alert. An NTAS Bulletin is utilized when the information concerning a terror threat is involves a non-specific threat or warning. An NTAS Alert is more specific and is either Imminent or Elevated. An Imminent Alert is issued when information is received about a credible, specific and impending threat. Elevated Alerts are issued when a credible threat is received but only general information is available.
All new advisories are released to the media and can be viewed at www.DHS.gov/alerts.

(Editor’s note: Information for this article was obtained from the Department of Homeland Security website.)