Fort Bragg’s Employee Assistance Program holds monthly Leadership Exploration and Development seminars to help both civilian and military supervisors better support their team. The topic being presented on July 27 was Domestic Violence in the Workplace.
The hope is to help us better identify the signs of domestic abuse and to better help our employees, explained attendees Constance Shadley and Renee Mason.
Tom Hill, Family Advocacy Program manager at Fort Bragg coached participants on a range of topics including the signs of abuse, the subtleties of power and control structures in abusive situations, and how to help employees that appear in distress.
“We can all become more sensitive to the needs of others around us and pitch in with each other more, and that goes for DV (domestic violence) too. If we think somebody is having relationship problems, the sooner we can get to them the better. We can reach out and get help before things get crazy hopefully,” said Hill.
Hill also discussed how best to protect oneself and employees should a Domestic Violence situation become untenable and present itself in a place of work.
“The LEAD (Leadership Exploration and Development) seminars, the forum is every month, we have a new topic to help the supervisors build a tool box of different things to do,” explained Peggy Hager, Employee Assistance Program.
Hager organizes these events each month. Bev Bailey will be the guest speaker this month discussing What to do with accidents in the workplace while on duty and in September the Labor Management Employee Relations, Robert Mcrea, Manager of Equal Employment Opportunity at Fort Bragg, will be speaking.