Members of the Unit Ministry Team took time after its Outdoor Life Sunday service to celebrate the Chaplain Corps anniversary, Sunday, at Smith Lake Recreation Area.
The anniversary celebrates 242 years of the Corps, which was established in 1775, and works to meet the spiritual needs of service members and their Families. Its motto is “Pro aris et focis,” a Latin phrase that means for God and country.
Being a chaplain connects us to something bigger than ourselves, said Chaplain (Col.) Bobby Whitlock, U.S. Armed Forces Command chaplain.
“It’s not about a single faith group. It’s about an Army chaplaincy,” he explained.
The Corps allows senior chaplains to demonstrate to the younger ones that “in 242 years, we got there by locking arms and being a team,” added U.S. Army Special Operations Command Chaplain (Col.) Keith Croom.
The Chaplains Corps anniversary included a potluck, games and other Family-friendly activities.
“It’s a neat event, a good opportunity for all of us as chaplains just to get together to recognize the anniversary,” said Chaplain (Maj.) Scott Jackson, 3rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command, who has served 16 years as chaplain.
For more information about chaplaincy at Fort Bragg, call 396-1121 or like the Fort Bragg Religious Support Office on Facebook at