Even the most prepared student can get nervous before a big test.
Fort Bragg’s Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness Training Center offers courses to help high school and college-aged learners develop skills to be more effective in schools, athletics and at home, said Tori Creech, Master Resilience Trainer — Performance Expert, Fort Bragg CSF2.
“(We teach) skills such as how to study more effectively, how to manage time to avoid procrastination, lessen nervousness, as well as skills like how to communicate more effectively with peer, with parents, with teachers, so that overall their performance is at a higher level regardless of what domain they’re in,” she explained.
The courses are usually offered once a year, but CSF2 is offering additional classes in August because of high demand.
During the one-day course, students participate in engaging lectures with CFS2 staff on how to best structure their study environment, create a “study power hour” and more.
“We’ve also gone over what we call some of our performance skills in the sense of how to reinterpret anything your body has going on,” said Creech. “So any nervousness you feel, how to interpret that in a way that’s more effective for you.”
One way students learn to cope with anxiety is through deliberate breathing and thinking about nervousness in a different way.
For example, instead of seeing those feelings as not being ready, students can use them as motivation, Creech explained.
The day concludes with a “culmination exercise” where students create graphic idea webs that connect everything they have learned that day.
The biggest benefit of the program is an early investment, said Andy Masullo, MRT-PE, Fort Bragg Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness Training Center. Creech agreed.
“So many people train tactically, technically, physically, but you forget when the pressure’s on, the mental side of things,” she said. “I think it’s a good, valuable tool to think about it earlier because the more you start to implement it at this age, the more change you’re going to see as you get older and the easier it’s going to be to implement it.”