EEK! … Nothing like a Saturday morning spent outside searching for and learning about spiders. Representatives from Carvers Creek State Park came out to support Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation’s final event in this summer’s Outdoor Education Program at the Smith Lake Recreation Area, Saturday.
“This (event) is called Spider WACH and the acronym is W-A-C-H. We didn’t really think that out too thoroughly, because people think ‘Oh you spelled watch wrong, you’re missing the T.’ It stands for Webs, Arts, Crafts and Hike,” explained Jacob Fields, park ranger, Carvers Creek State Park.
Adults and children alike learned new information about spiders.
“They are very good quality programs. We are so pleased with the park rangers and how much they put into it and it’s really great for all ages. I learned things that I hadn’t realized about nature,” said Susan Gyaben, military spouse.
“This morning we thought Daddy Long Legs were venomous we just found out they weren’t. Now I can alert my daughter and let her know that the spiders in the house, you don’t have to be afraid of … It educates the children and the adults. I learned some new stuff,” said Aida Cremé, facility operator, Smith Lake Recreation Area.
After creating construction paper spiders with the mandatory eight pipe-cleaner legs and an unrestricted number of googly eyes, the attendees grabbed nets, water spray bottles and bug collecting boxes and set off to explore the Smith Lake spider population.
Cries of “web, web, web” could be heard from a distance as children sprayed water to make webs more visible.
Jerry Britt III, Air Force Family member, attended Spider WACH with his whole Family.
“I don’t like them (spiders),” he explained. “They are scary because they are deadly.”
At the end of the event Britt was less afraid of spiders.
“I feel a little better about spiders. I learned they are everywhere,” he said.
His younger sister Delilah Britt continued to search for spiders alongside her father, Master Sgt. Jerry Britt, Air Force, long after her brother and sisters had given up their hunt and taken up playing on the playground.