A tiny Dorothy Gale in sparkling blue gingham ran through a hay maze and across a yellow brick road to a painted standing board Emerald City at the Fort Bragg Polo Field, Friday.
Corvias’ annual Fallapalooza sported a “Wizard of Oz” theme this year.
“‘There’s no place like home,’ and in the military, a home is where you make it,” said Tammy Wilbur-Hoistad, resident relations program manager, Corvias.
In the “Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy created a Family in Oz even though she was far away from home, just like people do in the military, explained Wilbur-Hoistad.
“You create your Family where you’re at,” she said.
The event boasted booths from a variety of programs that support military Families, food and games. It opened with a display by members of the Golden Knights U.S. Army Parachute Team.
“We have lots of fun going on. We have the cake walk, where you can win fun prizes, well you can win cake, and that is awesome,” Carrie Nix, Resident Associate announced to the attending crowd.
The side of the Fort Bragg Polo Field closest to the U.S. Army Forces Command building was lined with inflatables including a zip-line bounce house, inflatable skee-ball and basketball games and two inflatable slides.
Miranda Solis, Fort Bragg Family member, who is expecting her fifth child, explained that this was her Family’s second year in attendance.
“We came out for the free food,” she joked.
“No, but really the kids are out playing with dad … it’s fun for the kids,” said Solis.
The goal is to create a fun atmosphere for Families while introducing them to some of the programs and amenities locally available.
“It’s just a time for our Families to come out and have a great time. We have different agency programs that come out,” said Wilbur-Hoistad. “So, they (Families) get to have fun but also get to know a little bit of an idea of what is going on in the community.”