Ever needed help and didn’t know where or how to get it?

If so, the Directorate of Plans, Analysis and Integration Office and Army Community Service have set up a one-stop system that offers help to servicemembers, their Families and civilians in their search for resources that are available to them.

Called Community Support Connection Information, the system may be accessed by phone, in person, or via the Internet.

It is available to anyone who has access to Fort Bragg, and its physical location is on the first floor of the Soldier Support Center.

In addition to being a human interface, CSCI also acts as a portal that offers access to various resources such as ACS referrals, community health and other systems.

The CSCI is in Phase 1 and it began operating March 18, said Barbara Trower-Simpkins, ACS director.

The one-stop desk at the Soldier Support Center is a human interface for all systems that are available to servicemembers, their Families and civilians, said Rick Clement, PAIO director.

Four persons will staff the desk from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., said Trower-Simpkins.

“If anyone calls, someone will call back and follow up the next day,” she said.

CSCI will be similar to a hospital ombudsman, Clements said.

The goal is to provide easier assistance, to make defining and accessing resources for customers less cumbersome, he said. It will be a work in progress, Clements said.

“It will be fully operational by the end of the fiscal year contingent upon resources,” he said.