Iím struggling with sending out holiday cards. My husband and I have had to cut back on our Christmas budget Ö Iím actually pretty ashamed to say that our children wonít be getting everything they asked for this year (which wasnít very much). But one thing that I hate to move away from is sending Christmas cards to my Family and friends. Buying custom cards with envelopes and stamps Ö it gets pretty expensive.

I enjoy getting cards as well, but have noticed that Iím not receiving as many any more and many friends are using email and Facebook to send their cards. Have we moved that far from tradition? If I did that, would Family be offended?

Stuck on Tradition

Dear Tradition,

Throw them away, right? Scary thought isnít it? I mean, you said it yourself, sending cards gets expensive and for someone to just throw it away well, ... sigh. But these are things you need to think of. Not everyone cherishes custom cards anymore.

I still send out holiday cards. I think itís something that I will always do. I design my own cards and use photos of my Family and let people know what weíve been up to ó even if they follow every status update and picture that I post onto Facebook. But I am drawing a line on how many cards Iím sending Ö 25. Only 25 of my friends and Family will be getting a card. I will, of course, include my immediate Family and my grandparents. I will also include close friends who no longer live in the same state as me.

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