As I was going through the Christmas receipts, I found a receipt for a $250 necklace. I asked my husband if he had purchased this and he said no, but itís with his personal credit card. When we talked about gifts earlier this month, we said we werenít going to buy anything for each other due to finances and the money would be spent for the children. I donít know how to go about this. I want to think he was being sweet and buying me something nice Ö but I also have this feeling, since he lied to me, that the gift really isnít for me. He has been spending long nights at the office and Iím getting the feeling itís not for the Army. What do I do without making it look like Iím this paranoid freak?

Receipt Mishap

Dear Mishap,

Honestly, Iíd take it as a sweet gesture and thank him for the thought. What the two of you have to do is talk about it. Tell him itís okay and even if the surprise is spoiled, you really appreciate the gift and will look forward to opening it on Christmas Day. Because, really, you just know itís a necklace. You donít know what it looks like Ö so the surprise really isnít spoiled. Everything will be okay.

If you donít want to talk about it to him since he already said he didnít buy it, then wait until Christmas and open your gifts. If itís in there, SURPRISE! If itís not, then the two of you need to talk some serious business Ö or call your credit card company and make sure no one has stolen your identity. But, thatís worse case scenario.

Good luck and happy holidays!

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