Construction has been a common occurrence at the Post South Commissary patrons for over a year now, but have no fear, the wait is over.

“It has been fourteen months in the making because of the scope of the work done, and the store has a new look and feel that our customers and employees say makes shopping much more enjoyable,” said John Moore, store director.

The interior of the store has been completely redone, giving the store a bright, fresh look, said Moore.

“This project went far to enhance our fresh produce, fresh meat, frozen and chill areas along with the deli and bakery area, all very popular with our customers,” said Moore.

The renovations include an increase in the dairy display area, a restructured produce area to enhance product display, new frozen food display cases, a larger, easier to access fresh meat, chicken and fish display cases, and a new main entrance and exit doors.

The commissary renovation cost was $8 million to complete, according to Moore.

“Sometimes people ask me, ‘Where does that surcharge money go?’ I tell them it goes into projects like this that go a long way to make the commissary worth the trip.”

Besides regular groceries, the South Post Commissary has one of the most lucrative sushi counters in the region, according to Moore. The store grosses on average of $2,000 a day in sushi alone.

“I and the store staff greatly appreciate the patience and continued patronage of our customers during the time it took to get this project done. We worked hard to minimize disruptions and keep our customers informed, and now that it’s over, I want to extend a great thank you to everyone involved,” said Moore.