To attend or not to attend. That is the question. Deciding whether or not to attend sporting events is a tricky argument because there isnít necessarily a right or wrong answer.

Some sports are much better seen live, but for others, TV gives more than fans could get by being at the events in person.

While the fan watching sports from their couch may have the advantages of commentary, overview and a better idea of whatís going on as whole, the fan who is at the live event gets the feel of the sport. While the fan at the event may miss out on some part of the game on the way to the concession stands, they become a part of the event itself.

So if you ask me whether sports are better on TV or in real life, I have to reply, ďWhich ones?Ē

These are my recommendations for the top three American sports:

College and pro basketball

Students camp out, sometimes weeks at a time, just for the opportunity to get nosebleed seats. The games are bragging rights on the highest level between schools that have no love lost for their opponents. During college basketball, fans are often a part of the game (see Duke and Carolina basketball games as a reference). This is a must-see-it live event.

On the other hand, Iím not saying that pro basketball is a poor sport live. It is just different. Pro basketball has great star power, but the rivalries arenít nearly as intense as in college basketball.

While pro basketball is great live, fans gain something from having views and replays only television can provide. This is must-see TV event.

College and pro football

Fans become a part of a community known as tailgating, but technology has given the sport so many features that arenít as easily available to fans who attend the games.

I love both college and pro football, but there is nothing like being able to pause, rewind and make it to the refrigerator, bathroom and back to your couch before a commercial. The sports are great seen live, but the comforts of my couch bring more to the game than seeing it live.

Major League Baseball

While the game is well laid out for fans on TV, baseball is best seen live. The hotdogs, peanuts and crackerjacks are what make baseball a traditional sport better watched in the stands by first base.

Donít get me wrong, I wouldnít turn down the opportunity to see sports like the Tour de France in person. Given the opportunity, I probably couldnít pack my bags or get my passport fast enough. Having the chance to skip the hassle of tickets, travel and crowds validates the value of my remote and my couch.

Sometimes thereís no place like home.