Its hot. Its humid. And wouldn’t a quick dip in the lake help to beat the dog days of summer?

Sure, as long as you limit your open water swimming to Smith Lake, according to the Fort Bragg Garrison Safety Office.

Rich Eppler, Fort Bragg Garrison safety officer, has noticed an uptick in the number of people swimming in Fort Bragg’s lakes, particularly Mott Lake off of Plank Road. Mott Lake is a popular venue for fishing and other sports activities.

Eppler said that the main reasons for the prohibition are the lack of lifeguards at lakes and streams across the installation and the inability to test water quality to ensure public safety.

“The only lake on Fort Bragg where people can swim is Smith Lake Recreational Area,” Eppler said. “The area is inspected for safety and the water quality is tested on a regular basis.”

There are regulatory prohibitions against swimming in the restricted areas of the post. According to Fort Bragg Regulation 200-1-1, also prohibited are “waterskiing, jet skiing and wind surfing on installation waters is prohibited.”

Swimming in any lakes, unless specifically approved for swimming, rivers, and other bodies of water on the installation is prohibited, according to the regulation.

Exceptions to this may be granted by Fort Bragg Range Control.