Invite some children to take part in crafts, games and movie making and there is not likely to be much resistance.

Well, nearly 350 youth apparently offered no resistance at this year’s Vacation Bible School, which took place June 18 to 22 and Monday and Tuesday respectively at Devers and Gordon Elementary schools.

Coordinated and organized by Garrison Chaplains Office, the theme of VBS 2012 was “Sky — Everything is Possible with God,” based on Mark 10:27.

The goal of VBS is to help with the faith formation of children, said Jeff Nevin, director of religious education.

“Really, faith formation begins at home, we’re just here to help along with the process,” Nevin said.

Because youth learn by different means such as auditory or visual, they were moved to different modules to reinforce the message that the sky is the limit and that with God all things are possible, he explained.

MeKenzie Baldwin, 10, tried to make bubbles by plunging a hula-hoop into a pool of dish detergent at an imagination station at Devers Elementary School.

Part of the focus of the bubble-making activity is for military children, who are so often prone to moving, to understand that, like bubbles that float most anywhere, God is with them, said Melinda Robinson, an Air Force spouse and the imagination station leader.

“(The idea is) to spread the word to children that they can trust in God no matter what. Kids go through a lot with mom and dad being deployed. This is a great time for them to have fun and learn about the Bible and how much God loves them,” Robinson said.

Baldwin smiled her way through the game.

“We get to learn about God more,” she said.

James Barry, 9, seemed to get the themed message. During a water break from activities, the rising fourth-grader at Gordon Elementary School said VBS taught him that “no matter what, we have to trust God every single day of my life.”

One activity that the children appeared to relish was running through a net. Again, it illustrates the message of VBS — that with God all things are possible, even seeing youth through trials and tribulations.

“Sometimes, life will cause us troubles, but we can let the Lord put us back together. When we’re in his net, he’s caught us and he’s going to safely take us back to shore,” said Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Tim Atkinson of the 108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade.

Even during lunch, children learned the importance of trusting God. One of the dishes served was cheese and pretzels fashioned in the shape of barbells to reinforce the notion of strength and courage.

Emily Baugh, a rising, homeschooled second grader, said that she enjoyed this year’s Vacation Bible School.