Readiness is the top priority of Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg commanding general.

Building upon the corps commanderís top priority, 330th Transportation Battalion integrates daily in post-deployment processes, as well as the supported units.

On the morning of Oct. 20, the 519th Military Intelligence Battalion conducted a level 1 emergency deployment readiness exercise and asked the 330th Transportation Bn. to add an additional level of depth to their training.

During this time, the 330th Transportation Bn. (Movement Control) provided outload support, in-transit visibility, cargo handling and deployment processes expertise to the 525th Military Intelligence Brigade.

The exercise incorporated elements from the 403rd Inland Cargo Transfer Company for cargo handling, 329th Movement Control Team for cargo regulation, and the Deployment Support Team-Expeditionary for deployment process overview.

This exercise provided a unique opportunity for both units. The blended training allowed the 330th Transportation Bn. to improve the deployment process for the 525th MI Bde., while exercising key mission essential task list for the battalion.

This is just part of the 330th Transportation Bn.ís overall strategy to improve the deployment process for the XVIII Abn. Corps.

The exercise called for a notification hour in which the 519th MI Bn. would exercise a hasty EDRE. Once the battalion received notification, they would conduct a unit loading area control center, where the 329th MCT would provide assistance in out-gating the personnel and cargo as well as validate the units designation list.

Once complete with the ULACC, the Soldiers moved to the installation transportation deployment support area where the DST-E would provide a simulation inspection in concert with the civilian counterparts.

Once inspection was complete, they traveled to the aerial departure/arrival command group, where they built pallets, weighed in and prepared for onward movement.