How many times have you either heard a military spouse bad-mouth another spouse, or seen on Facebook on the support groups, women bickering back and forth on a certain topic. Whether it be how to handle money, how to handle the kids, to work or be a stay-at-home mom or how to handle their relationship with their husband ó it seems like military spouses, mostly wives, are always gossiping and talking about one another.

Now, Iím not saying we all have to get along like the women on Army Wives Ö because we all know thatís just Hollywood and not reality. However, it would be nice to be able to talk to someone not affiliated with the military and actually have them say something nice about a military spouse.

Iím also going to admit that Iím not totally innocent when it comes to stereotyping military wives.

Because really, the stereotyping will end when we stop adding to the stereotype.

Ladies, we need to leave the high school drama where it belongs Ö in high school. We are all in this together ó wait, isnít that from Disneyís High School Musical? But seriously, we are. Military spouses put up with so much and we need each othersí support, not criticism.