Soldiers of the 1st Theater Sustainment Command successfully finished their final phase of warrior week training, May 17 at Fort Bragg, in a convoy live fire exercise.

Rain did not prevent the Soldiers of the 1st TSC from successfully engaging in the exercise. First Team Soldiers participated in a five vehicle convoy at range 26, with full combat gear.

The 1st TSC conducts this intense training once a year. Which is included with weekly sergeant’s time training, a requirement for all TSC Soldiers.

“With us changing our avenue of approach going into Afghanistan, a lot of us are going to be put on the chopping block to go do convoys now instead of just working within the forward operating base,” said Sgt. 1st Class James Masi, support operations office platoon sergeant.

Masi was acting as the convoy commander of the training exercise. His job consisted of making sure all vehicles were properly equipped and communications were established.

During the first part of the exercise, Masi rounded up the Soldiers in front of a sand table and briefed everyone to ensure they had clear task and purpose.

“It’s a good experience being out here and training with my Soldiers,” said Sgt. Mariel Hernandez, SPO operations, 1st TSC. “It is training that should be conducted more often.”

The second part of the exercise involved a dry run where, Soldiers drove around the training field to become familiarized with places where it was safe to engage the enemy.

At the conclusion of the dry run, the convoy continued two encores of the route, except this time they fired blank rounds.

“It is important to come out here and give it everything you have. When it’s time to deploy, everything you learn here today is going to be critical for the survival of you and your battle buddy,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Charles Tobin, 1st TSC.

The final exercise of the day, the live fire exercise, was conducted under pouring rain and conditions that are very real in places like Afghanistan.