Thoughtful poems, hand-painted flowerpots and decorative, handmade towels are just some of the projects children are making this week across Fort Bragg.

Many children are hard at work expressing their love for their moms this week as Mother’s Day approaches.

While working on their projects, Anderson’s fourth-grade class gives their opinions on what it means to be a mom.

As a teacher of 24 years and a mother of five children, Anderson said a lot of patience is needed to be a mother.

“It’s a learning experience everyday because no child is the same,” Anderson said. “My mom always tells me, everyday is Mother’s Day.”

Meanwhile, Lisa S. Pierce, the mother of two and a program assistant with the Fort Bragg Tolson Youth Center who runs the sewing club, has her group making hand towels for Mother’s Day.

“Every year we do a special project for Mother’s Day,” Pierce said. “I get a kick out of watching the kids sew.”

Toiling away at their sewing stations making their towels, the girls describe a mother as someone who loves you and has your back no matter what.

Agreeing with the girls, Pierce said a mother is there for her children no matter what life brings.

Working at the Fort Bragg Tolson Youth Center as a child youth program assistant, is Pierce’s 23-year-old.

“A mother is always looking for different ways to steer you right,” said Chauncey Z. Pierce Jr. said. “But also gives you the distance for you to find out things for yourself.”