In the fall a survey was sent out across the installation to measure interest in a potential kids lacrosse team. The result was Fort Bragg has lacrosse fever and the excitement was spreading.

We werent sure what kind of response we were going to get when we first put the feelers out there, said Adam Huffman, director, Child, Youth and School Services for sports and fitness.

Fort Bragg was not only able to field four teams two boys and girls teams for ages 8 to 10 and 11 to 13 year olds, but it also able to combined leagues with local area Fayetteville teams to compete.

Both boys teams, Cougars and Warriors took to the field to compete in just the second game of the season against the Fayetteville Sea Hawks, May 19, at Douglas Byrd Middle School Field No. 2.

Even though many of the team members are new to the game and still learning the basics skills, teammates enjoy honing their skills.

Its exciting because you get to run, said Kurt Nauman, who plays for the Warriors. Its really a challenge because you have to learn so many skills to be good at this game.

Lacrosse is a hybrid sport that brings a lot of action for viewers to watch.

As it stands, Fort Bragg parents are learning the game just as much as the kids who are playing.

My husband was raised on the east coast and he played (lacrosse) in his childhood years, said Brittney Bonis, a Family member and mother of Cougars player Tyrus Bonis. He told my son about it. Tyrus played baseball all his life so getting into this sport which is like hockey, football and soccer all rolled into one, has been really great. This is sport is all about continuous going and my son is full of energy.

For the Fort Bragg team, the inaugural season has yielded plenty of lessons for players as well as for the coaches. This season has set the stage for next years team to have a great mixture of veterans and new talent.

Its been really rewarding taking kids that have never played the game and showing them all the great things about the game, said Matthew Fram, coach of the Warriors. I hope they continue in the game.

For more information about youth sports on Fort Bragg, visit or call Child, Youth and School Services at 908-2619.