“Truck four receiving small arms fire,” exclaimed the convoy commander. “Six o’clock, 100 meters, react to contact, return fire!”

Moments after they made their delivery the convoy took fire from within the quaint village.

Members of the 1st Theater Sustainment Command spent the week training in warrior tasks with the focus being on mounted convoy operations.

The Soldiers started with basic blocks of instruction at the beginning of the week and the event culminated April 26 in a simulated convoy operation demonstrating the 1st TSC’s proficiency in the warrior tasks and drills.

In addition to weekly sergeants time training, Soldiers of the 1st TSC put their basic Soldiering skills to the test annually.

“When it comes down to it we are all infantrymen,” said Sgt. 1st Class Michael Morgan, Support Operations, Distribution Management Center, 1st TSC.  “The moment something bad happens and you may have to exit that vehicle and you have to do combat operations. It is no longer about supplies or issuing fuel it’s about survival on the battle field and everyone needs to know the 10 level tasks as we are trained in at the beginning of our careers in basic training.”

This training provided just that.

An opportunity for new Soldiers as well as seasoned ones to brush up on those basic level skills that they learned in basic combat training.

“We wanted to get four squads together and train up for a combat live fire and convoy operations,” said Morgan. “We talked about communications, weapons medical, and evacuation situations.”

Sgt. James Agan, Headquarters and Headquarters Company orderly room, one of the noncommissioned officers participating in the training, said he enjoyed applying his knowledge and experiences and sharing it with junior enlisted.

“I always say the best training is hands on,” said Agan.

With overseas missions changing with the withdrawal from Iraq, and build up in Afghanistan, 1st TSC’s is also shifting focus.

“With us changing our avenue of approach going into Afghanistan, a lot of us are going to be put on the chopping block to go do convoys, instead of just working within the forward operating base,” said Sgt. 1st Class James Masi, SPO platoon sergeant.