Cold weather is not an excuse to give up on your exercise routine.

The chilly weather isnít here yet, but it is coming and you can believe I already have enough excuses why I couldnít exercise during the winter season. They are the same ones I use during the hottest months of the year, except I replace hot with cold.

Even though fall and winter are two of my favorite seasons, I find it harder to get out and do regular physical activities during this time. I like to walk, jog (sometimes) and use light, free weights to tone. I know Fayetteville isnít the frozen tundra, but it gets a little chilly in the mornings when I like to work out.

This year, Iím going to break my trend of slacking off when it gets cold. I know round is a shape. Itís just not the shape Iíd like to continue to rock. Iíve set myself a goal and I plan on continuing my exercise regiment, even if it means I have to develop new ways to achieve my exercise goals.

We are all busy and the gym may not be an option for everyone, but donít lose hope. There are wintertime alternatives to going outside and freezing. Iím not saying Iím going to practice what I preach when it comes to all of these, but here are some cold weather activities:

Yoga or hot yoga

Iíve tried yoga as well as covered a class for a story I wrote (that counts). I am not flexible at all, but I know yoga is a great way to get exercise. Donít let the peacefulness of yoga fool you. Yoga takes strength and endurance.

Those of you who are all about burning calories in high-energy activities need not worry. Hot yoga will quench your thirst for feeling the burn. Hot yoga adds heat to the process of maintaining balance, using your inner core muscles and concentrating maintaining your balance. This is not an exercise to take lightly.

Indoor swimming

Swimming is one of the best, calorie-burning exercises. Swimming forces participants to work muscles that normally arenít used in everyday activities. Donít think that because you are in a pool and not sweating, that you arenít getting a great workout because you are.

Sometimes during the cold months Iíll hit the pool and Iím reminded just how strenuous swimming can be. If you are a runner, swimming will be a great substitute because it offers the same tranquility as running.

Exercise videos

When you donít want to go outside and face the weather, exercise videos are the perfect way to get your heart rate up and stay warm in the process. I donít have a specific instructor or exercise regimen video that I would recommend. It is really about preference and what you are looking to accomplish. Get something that fits your workout goal and stick to it during the cold months just like you would your warm weather activities.

The cold season is just around the corner and I can already feel the excuses creeping up on me in the back of my mind. Like anything else, working out takes dedication and I fail miserably at it sometimes, but Iím making a commitment to remain vigilant and not let Ďitís cold outsideí be the downfall of my workout.