When issues arise throughout military installations and become concerns for military Families, leaders step in to help resolve these issues. This is the process for the 2012 U.S. Army Forces Command Army Family Action Plan Conference which began April 30.

“We have a wide range of people coming to this conference, from both active, Reserve, National Guard, as well as retired, and you’ve been selected to represent all those communities. We want to hear from everybody because this is really about working together for a common cause and connected by commitment to improve the lives of our Soldiers, Families and civilians who work in this great Army,” said Gen. David M. Rodriguez, commanding general, FORSCOM.

With about 60 issues reported from installation conferences nationwide, workgroups who participated in the FORSCOM AFAP conference teamed up to prioritize the most important issues to present to Rodriguez.

“I’m really looking forward to being able to participate with the other individuals and working together as a team to get to the critical issues that really affect our Families,” said Amy Daniels, Fort Drum, N.Y., before the conference.

Daniels was one of about 50 participants in the conference.

“Over the next four days, you’ll serve as advocates for your installations, represent your commands and voice the concerns of your Soldiers, Families and civilians who comprise the whole FORSCOM Family. It’s a huge responsibility and we’re thankful we have people like you who assume that responsibility,” said Rodriguez.

Last year, six issues were approved and forwarded to Headquarters Department of the Army for inclusion in the HQDA 2012 AFAP Conference; they were:

• Issue #: FC-11-08 — Formal standardized training for Exceptional Family Member Program program managers and school liaison officers. (Submitting installation: Fort Bliss, Texas)

• Issue #: FC-11-44 — Spousal preference employment eligibility in the Federal Civil Service System. (Submitting installation: Fort Stewart, Ga.)

• Issue #: FC-11-45 — Sex offenders residing in government-provided housing including leased housing. (Submitting installation: Fort Stewart, Ga.)

• Issue #: FC-11-60 — Dedicated licensed civilian counselors for grief support for survivors. (Submitting installation: Fort Campbell, Ky.)

• Issue #: FC-11-74 — Soldier assignment management process. (Submitting installation: Fort Irwin, Calif.)

• Issue #: FC-11-94 — Investment of Service Members’ Group Life Insurance and death gratuity funds for survivors. (Submitting installation: Fort Rucker, Ala.)

“This conference is a way to tell Soldiers, just like yourself, hey, step up, pay attention to what’s going on around you because you could make a difference and they have made a difference, and that’s important to know,” said GiGi Linder, Well-Being program manager, FORSCOM.