Maj. Kristian Sorensen entered a shooting contest on what he called a whim.

Five thousand competitors later, the Fort Bragg Army Reservist, won the USA Shooting Team Foundation medallion for the 2012 Win Gold campaign.

USASTF, according to a press release, is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources to succeed in the competitive world of Olympic shooting, while the Win Gold 2012 campaign was geared at gathering interest for the USASTF team on their journey to the Olympics.

Sorensen has been an avid shooter since he was 9 years old, he said.

My father taught me just the skills of shooting. Wed use a .22 and just shoot cans at my grandparents farm in Wisconsin, he said.

By the time Sorensen enlisted in the Army at age 17, he already had the skill set to become an accomplished shooter.

My first day at range in basic training, all of those skills came back to me, said Sorensen who is an expert marksman.

Its a great skill to have for emergencies, said Angela, who also plans to join the Army and become a physician. Its fun, too.

What does Robert think of his fathers medallion?

I think he was lucky, and I think its pretty, said Robert who adds that he enjoys target shooting and bonding with his dad.

We talk a lot. We go places . . ., Robert said.

Sorensen said the medallion, which features five-time Olympic shooting medalist Kim Rhode, is a 1.4 ounce, 24k solid gold coin that is being kept in a special place away from the Family home.

Sorensen, who is an Iraqi campaign veteran, is currently undergoing International Level Education training to become a lieutenant colonel, and plans to continue his career in the Army.

In addition to all the coins he has received throughout his Army career, Sorensen said the medallion is valuable.