Womack Army Medical Center uses 103 vehicles to complete its mission. The vehicles are used for everything from emergency situation support to hauling and troop transport. And to John Turner, transportation assistant, every single one of the vehicles is vital to completing the job.

“On a day-to-day basis, I oversee a fleet of 103 vehicles and what that means is that I make sure that the preventative and unscheduled maintenance is done. Everything from oil changes, flat tires, and crack windshields, If it involves the WAMC vehicles, I’m involved in the process,” said Turner.

While Turner is challenged by the responsibility of handling the largest fleet of vehicles in the north region, he continues to seek better ways to effectively meet the installation’s needs with fewer cars. With a growing base of eligible customer, Turner works diligently to stay on top each car.

“It is a executive order to reduce our fleet,” said

Turner “We’re always being asked how we can reduce our numbers but still complete our mission. I’m constantly looking for ways to do that.”

WAMC fleet doesn’t just serve the WAMC community, the vehicles are also used on Pope Field and are also available to several Fort Bragg clinics.

All WAMC personnel have felt the reduction.

“I hope to keep what I’ve got already,” said Turner. At least until someone notices that we need more vehicles. Our mission hasn’t changed at all. It has steadily grown since I’ve been here.”

Turner’s main goal is to make sure that the Fort Bragg community he serves has the right vehicle to meet the needs of the installation.

“It’s personal for me in making sure that Soldiers are able to use these vehicles. Just like Soldiers don’t have to provide their own weapons  or uniforms when they work, I don’t think they should have to use their own vehicles either,” said Turner.