Financial counseling for civilian employees

Notice of estate

This notice serves as an advisory for all those in possession of the property of Spc. Donovan T. Batterson, as well as to persons to whom the deceased is indebted, or those indebted to the deceased. Contact 1st Lt. David M Liem, summary court martial officer, Company B, 1st Bn., 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, with all inquiries at 643-0098.

Did you know

These services are designed to help with addressing any life issue(s) threatening well-being, such as stress, grief, Family difficulties, financial challenges and substance abuse. In partnership with the Military and Family Life Consultant Team, the EAP offers monthly work/life health training seminars.

Time and location for all training is 9 to 10:30 a.m., at the Leader and Workforce to Development Center, Building 2-2020, Woodruff Street. Contact the EAP office at 396-5784 reserve a seat.

May 14 Homecoming and reunion this presentation addresses concerns and guides participants through a proactive approach to encourage a positive reintegration.

May 28 The three Cs of communication - this presentation will elaborate on the three Cs of communication: to communicate, to collaborate and to commit. Participants will also learn about the different aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication.

June 11 Working in teams this presentation addresses characteristics of effective teams, taking into account all of the differences likely encountered and how to successfully work together to arrive at the best possible solution.

June 25 Coping with transitions this presentation addresses the inevitable: change and focuses on different coping mechanisms that can create a smooth transition.

July 9 Conflict resolution this presentation addresses understanding conflict, types of conflict in the workplace, conflict styles, ways we respond to conflict, conflict in the workplace, communication guidelines and how to resolve conflict.

July 23 Controlling anger this presentation teaches the positive and negative effects of anger, warning signs that anger is escalating.