BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan —  For Pfc. Jordan Hunter, a motor vehicle operator for the 227th Quartermaster Company, currently attached to the 82nd Sustainment Brigade, U.S. Central Command Materiel Recovery Element, whether he’s doing retrograde operations or preparing for college, his way of life revolves around setting and sticking to goals.

As part of the CMRE, the 20-year old Hunter said he sets a new goal every day as he off-loads containers for sorting and prepares military grade materiel for shipping. Hunter processes everything from auto parts to military manuals, lights to medical supplies, and tools to canvas tents, among a whole host of other equipment.

“I’ve been in country for two months. Every morning I come in and get started on the mission of estimating how many containers we need to knock out for the day,” said Hunter. “We work to return materiels to the military system and to save the American taxpayers’ money.

“Overall, I feel as if the road we’re on is that we are on track to accomplish the mission as our forces prepare to redeploy from Afghanistan,” he added. “Anytime I can be part of history, regardless of whether I’m working in the retrosort yard or am preparing to go out on convoys, I’m still proud of what I was doing at the end of the day.”

Much of the materiel Hunter off-loads is needed within the military inventory. The equipment is returned to the U.S. or shipped to pre-staging facilities around the globe for future contingencies.

“We separate what’s good to keep and what needs to be disposed of, such as scrap metal,” said Hunter.

When he’s not driving a forklift, inventorying materiel by hand or preparing and stowing equipment for shipping, Hunter spends his free-time  studying or playing basketball.

“I want to stay focused, and work on my study guides, while continuing to make the mission happen,” said Hunter, who has several years of education from Central Texas College behind him and hopes to one day earn a degree in sports medicine.

“This is my first deployment. As a stress reliever, I like to play basketball,” said Hunter.

“I’ve also learned to lean on other members of the team to help me cope with being away from home,” he added. “I’ve have my military brothers and sisters that I can talk to here, so it’s kind of like a home away from home.”

Hunter’s supervisor, Staff Sgt. Anthony Hill, retro-sort yard noncommissioned officer in charge for the 227th QM Co., said he’s impressed with the goals his Soldier has set and is fully confident in the trooper’s abilities.

“He could run this yard by himself, he is extremely capable,” Hill said. “It makes me feel good to know he’ll always do the right thing and make the mission happen.”